Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Stressing the Method

Putting the Sage Method through the rigors on very large fish. It crazy that these fish will bend these rods right into the cork time after time. It did finally give out as it will be sent back to sage for repair
as it snapped in the butt section finally. What a great problem to have! Breaking rods on large fish.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Missouri River Mist

Missouri River Mist
Great photo taken this past weekend while floating the canyon section. The heavy fog along
the entire river corridor treated us for fantastic photo opportunities. We experienced it all as the streamer
fishing was decent, nymphing was good as usual, and dry fly fishing, well superb, and I would 
not have guessed it, Bonus……

What a great year of fishing, more to come.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

A New Addition To the Floatfisher Family

Wow, what an incredibly long week that included picking up our new Floatfisher "edition" Adipose Flow Skiff. We beelined up to Helena on Friday to pick it up and give it a quick row down the Missouri with out great friend and guid Eric Mondragon.

Ms. Floatfisher signs the Adipose wall of fame, saved for those blow there kids inheritance on toys, in our case, sheer necessities.

Saturday morning treated us to unbelievable photographic sights, as we received rain over night creating a layer of intense fog that did not burn off till 9:00 or so. It was very eerie fishing in the dark and fog getting large tugs on streamers.

 Well, not a bad way break in the boat with a streamer caught  "toad" in beautiful spawning colors. 
This certainly was the highlight of my day.
 We round the corner after catching the fish above this peak was clearing the fog. Just another reason, you need to get out and enjoy the water, you never know way you will see.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Ms. Floatfisher

It seem she is the queen of the family , and mistress of the large fish lately. Another  nice fish to add to the photo archive. The Klickitat River in Washington was a gracious host to us on our recent trip.
Could a be frequent stop on our fishing itinerary.