Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fall Fishing

This is why we do it, cause.... Just cause you might find a meat eater like this.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Karma by Go Pro

Wow, just in time for the Christmas buying season, what a great launch time. I have not be 
in big hurry to have on or even mess with one because of the incredible amount of time to edit and mess with the footage you capture. It seems I spend enough time behind the I Mac editing still photos, that I do not need yet, another distraction, however, I would like to add a few of the stellar shots you can achieve with these units.

Between $799 and $1300 depending on all the options, this appears to be on of the more easier to operate units on the market. In addition , I like the compactness, and sleek backpack system it comes with, to store everything you need in one place.

I think it is pretty damn cools, might just have to have one.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Solar Panel Nymph by Fly Fish Food

They boys at Fly Fish Food continue to produce top quality flies and kickass fly-tying videos for us hacks out in the field. Yet another example of a very nice, simple, and highly effective pattern to imitate at variety of insect in our local streams. 
Again, most of the materials are probably within arms length of your tying bench and staples.
Twist a few up as our fly tying season will begin in earnest shortly.
Grab a cup of joe and relax.....

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Foto and Float Day

One of the many perks of attending and supporting Trout Unlimited and the various events though-out the year are the opportunities you come across. One such opportunity that Mary and I was lucky enough to purchase at a silent auction this past winter was a day on the water with acclaimed and noted photographer and videographer Josh Duplechian. 

Current Josh is the Senior Producer for Trout Unlimited National, production all still and video for the organization. Besides the fantastic work josh does chronicling the various fresh water conservations projects and initiatives going on in many states around the US, Josh as an impressive resume of covering the Colorado Rockies as a Staff Photographer, working extensively with ESPN covering the extreme sports icon, X-Games and with NCAA sports .

 Just a little to build up our day on the river with him as our donation, would go to being professional photographed as we fished, waded, floated our way down the Colorado River. Almost like wedding day pictures , but better. 
Kinda cool feeling like a super-star while have a photographer with three cameras, strung round his neck , hiding in the bush, crouched down, in your face and the long distance shot, as other boats floated by just wonder, who these two people might be. 
The day could not have been more beautiful at the lighting was decent to good for the portraits we wanted to get, and fish fish cooperated for the fish pictures we wanted. As you can see the colors on the western divide are turing in numerous area's providing for fantastic shots and background color.
Fish would cooperate by eating the Zimmerman Clownshoe and the Blooms Caddis all day with frequency.

Will have of Josh's photos to share in the coming week, we look forward to sharing them with you.
If you ever have the chance to bid on these packages by the likes of Josh, Kirk Deeter or Mark Lance, do not pass up the opportunities and any cost. So fun and rewarding.