Friday, July 31, 2015

" Pizza Butt" by Blue Halo

             Pizza Butt a Blue Halo Production from Blue Halo on Vimeo.

Just a little something from the boys at Blue Halo Rods, having a little with 
Pizza Butt Rap and some great Cutthroat fishing. What a great way to kickoff 
another weekend of fishing.

If you don't own a Blue Halo, you need to go out and grab one, what a hoot for a few hundred 
shekels. Fun with fiberglass.....

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Rockin' Road Trip-

4576 miles would cap off 35 days of great fishing across Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. Ms. Floatfisher and I would start our little adventures fishing the North Platte at Saratoga, WY, as the melt would end Fathers Day Weekend. 
It had been several years since we had floated the waters of the Upper North Platte and it would not
disappoint, fish, scenery and great food.

No trip to Saratoga is complete without a visit to the Wolf Hotel for a beer and steak, however, we would skip the steak this visit, in favor of the new local favorite, Bella's Bistro. Wow, worth visit and amazing food.
Boat Launch on the upper North Platte near Saratoga

Our next excursion a few days later would take us to the Missouri River in Montana for nine days.
We would set up camp in two different cabins and fish the roughly 30 miles of river around, and down from Craig. We would become the local trout bums, as the locals would know us by name at both Joe's and Issack's by the end of our visit. Wow , what a tab, we would rack up too....

Caddis, PMD's and Trico's were all on the menu as we homesteaded on the river. A new experience, as Mary and I would get schooled by a few of the upper river fish, as they were well accustomed to many of the usual patterns and drag free presentations were a must. We soon got the hang of it , and were catching some nice fish.

Rowing the Rio Grande

Our travels would then wind us by the upper Bighorn at Thermopolis and down to Casper to fish the North Platte at Casper. Having passed  by this section of river for 10 + years and never stopped, it was now time. Stupid us, can't believe all the great fish we had been passing up. We caught many nice , healthy big rainbows.
One of the many hookups along the way. What a great road trip.
Fantastic live music on the 4th in Craig, Mt.
So many flies tied on, taken off, lost on fish. Damn this is fun...
The end of the journey would come this past weekend, with blow trip to 
Rio Grande river. 35 Days, 17 days of fishing and 4576 miles driven,
what a rockin' road trip.....

Monday, July 27, 2015

On the Road Again

On the road again, as the greatWilly Nelson sings. It is has been our theme song for the last 8 weeks or so, as each week has been action packed and brought a new river to fish and sights to see. This weeks escapade would take to the southwestern side of the state to visit the Rio Grande River.
Always one of our favorite rivers to fish, up near the small quiant towns of Creede, Southfork and Del Norte. 
Our ambitious float this weekend would have putting in at the Collier State easements floating all the way down to the #17 take-out. I am not sure how far we decided to float, but somewhere between 13-17 mile. Maybe not the smartest move, but sure damn pretty and fun.

Normally it is always the Ms. Floatfisher and I, but this time we decided to take some of our good friends on a little fishing , hoot and holler trip. 3 boats, bloody mary's to kick off the float circus, and what a great day. Bluebird skies, lush green foliage and fantastic flows would treat us to a great day on the SW ditch.
Views in every direction were stunning, water flows are dropping so now is the time to get over and get a float in. Flow at Wagon Wheel Gap were 500 cfs. and 750 cfs down at Del Norte. 
Only wish we would have had the Adipose skiff with us, would have been perfect for the drift boat.
Caddis would prove to be the hot ticket to the day, Ms. Flatfishes, fished the double X-Caddis to amazing success.

Afternoons storms threatened to roll in on us, but it only brought on better fishing .

The lower river is nothing but beautiful, our great friends Jim and Jan enjoy a little wine and ride down riffles of the Rio Grande.
The last highlight to the trip was dinner for 7 at the delightful and wonderful Windsor Hotel and Dining Room. If you have not stopped here before, put this on your list of places to visit and have dinner. The appetizers and main courses were amazing, as well as the tour of the rooms were beautiful. The Flat Iron Steak is to die for, as well as the Chocolate SoufflĂ©. Oh,   This will definitely be a stop next time we come down, with 3 Barrels Brewing on block down.