Monday, June 29, 2015

Teaching Old Dogs New Casts

While others might have been out fishing the high country, or floating some of the
waters that are finally coming down , or just having a picnic with the family today.
Mrs. Floatfisher and I thought we would send a fun filled 8 hours in the sun being humbled
and taught the finer skills of Spey Casting by Simon Gawesworth .
 The South Platte in downtown Denver would prove to be an excellent training
ground, with flows that would rival most steelhead rivers. It would give us the perfect
currents to practice our Roll Casts, Snap T's, Single Spey's, Double Spey's and Switch Casts.

 With only 6 students, each would have ample opportunity to be scolded and throttled
like a newly arrived cadet in boot camp. Holy shit, 6 hours of casting and couples hours of classroom
Instruction will plain wear your ass out. 

 Here Simon, works with this "special"student, I think I finally got it after  
couple of smacks to the back of the head. 
All kidding aside, what a fantastic class, more practice while we are floating the Missouri, 
and Colorado this summer, so we are in tune and ready for the Deschutes in September.
Don't want to make a spectacle out of myself.(or anymore of one)
Would highly recommend Simon's class to anyone who needs a touch up or knows nothing about the 
art of casting a two handed rod. He is very patient, and an excellent teacher.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


I foresee two weeks of this action in our future, nuttin' but boat unloading, dragging
rowing, fishing, tying knots, little AC/ DC and snoop Dogg to get the blood pumping in the morning.
Let's get it on. If your not out fishing you are stale and old. Get a Life.
Fly boxes are jam packed with every imaginable pattern, if we don't have,
we know where to buy more and pack more fly boxes full. Liquor, well as you would
guess, we have that covered too, fully stocked traveling saloon. 
 Next stop, at couple of rivers to bend a few new rods in the quiver.
yippee que yah , MF......

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Falling into Perfect Shape

After a great flush some of our great river sheds are rounding into perfect summer shape, by the time Ms. Floatfisher and I return from rivers far away, our home waters will be in perfect shape.
We look forward to the season know as " silly season" , that short window of time, right after high water, where every fishing in the river is on the feedbag and willing to eat dry flies, especially big
foam gaudy ones.

Arkansas River at Wellsville

The Ark is at 3200 and change and dropping nicely give it another week, it will be still high but really nice for the floating angler, pounding the edges with some large golden stones.

The Colorado is also just a week or so away from being ready, flows are really dropping fast, with the width of this river to disperse the flow, and the flush, there should be some spectacular summer fishing on hand soon. Are you ready.... I am.

Rio Grande River 

Probably pretty damn close , would like to be down there if we did not have a spey casting class 
to attend. Although still slightly high and in the willows, streamers and the nymph rig would wrangle a few, not far away from some green drakes starting to show up.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Art of Bill Hartman

Bill Hartman lives, fishes and paints in Key West. He studied with internationally-known watercolorist Dong Kingman. He is also a member of the Society of Illustrators. His work has appeared in newspapers and national magazines, including Field and Stream. He also illustrated several children’s books for a national publishing company and also for a toy manufacturer.
His art is inspired by the elements of the natural world and his passion for the outdoors, especially sport fishing. These passions, which have taken him around the world, provide his subject matter and color palette.
His watercolors, acrylic (and digital) artwork are not always representational…his goal is to capture the intrinsic atmosphere of their location and reflect special moments in time and place and bring these to the viewer
Digital on Canvas Prints

 "Broken Off"
" Permit Shot"