Sunday, July 15, 2018

Went to the Lake and the River and Got.....

In our quest to challenge ourselves with new and different species, we have decides that
we will take on the challenge of learn to stalk and learn to catch Carp. The key word being stalk 
and learn. Although we have ourselves outfitted better with the rods and a few better flies, we are now armed with bit more knowledge on the wily fish after spending the day on the water with a
very knowlgable carp expert. The basis out our day was to learn more basics on the behavioral traits,
feeding tetteritoris in both the lakes and the river, casting, leader, tippet and flies. Of course, like any 
your not going to get all the goods in one trip or session, but it was certain enough to fill my feeble little mind with enough information and tactics.
I know one thing, if i can get skilled enough to catch these fish, most others will be childs pay comparatively.

We were able you use our Adipose to search and cast as some willing participants on the lake, and the 
boat worked terrific, now outfitted with a new trolling motor, but the Adipose Poling Adapter platforms might be a Christmas present. 

After the lakes, we hit some spots on the South Platte River, that were loaded with feeding active Carp, but my unlike Stealthyness, sent them into the middle of the river on the first stop. I would soon learn the big ole' flatfishes , had not Stealth, and Carp Fishing would be a little tougher.

Both Mary and cast to hundreds of fish, but either spooked them, cast too far, drift went over them,
drift hit them, what ever the case was, WE GOT SCHOOLED

But we had one of the best days of the year fishing. Ca't wait to gat back at it.


Friday, July 13, 2018


Produced a few years ago by Mountain Made Media, this a quality short totally geared for 
the junky who is enthralled with tossing streamer for above average fish. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing fish come up and eat dries, but carnivore eating browns and rainbows slamming 
fur and feathers are a lot more exciting. 
Some very nice video and aerial shots.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Helpful Hints with Warming Water Conditions

Tips for Flyfishing in Drought Conditions

Carry a thermometer and net at all times
Use heavier tippet and land fish as quickly as possible
Do not take fish out of water for any reason (don't need grip and grins of 14" fish)
Use barbless hooks
Fish Early, Check temperatures at noon, stop if above 67 degrees
Give your favorite spots or stretches a rest

As the Colorado water flows continue to drop and warm daily, these are some wonderful tips that
I borrowed from Vail Valley Anglers. An early start is imperative if fishing currently, along with barbless hooks and for god sakes, stop with grip and grins for the time being, and keep the fish in the water. we have seen plenty of 14-18" fish squeezed and long-armed to fill a thousand albums, leave them in the net and WET.
If you care for the fish, heed the creed...

Friday, July 6, 2018

Bottom Feeders by YETI

These crazy bastards have nerve and lots of out. If you can dive down , stick you hands in caves , holes and other odd place, not knowing that there can be beavers, minks, snakes and other
crazy animals in there , in pursuit of 30 # to 60# catfish. Fucking Crazy. 
But my hat is off to these guys. Definition of tough. Take a gander and the short from Yeti.
Yeti also has tome great storylines.