Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Postcards from Montana

 Old Barn on Hwy 589
 Commercial Permit #29 to float the Madison River
What is your size?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Saturday on the Ditch

After a couple of weeks away from our favorite ditch, the Ms. and I returned with a vengeance. Fresh after 9 days in Montana, ready to catch a few "locals". Setting the alarm for o'dark thirty, I found out that things are already changing. Sun is coming up just a smudge later. None the less, the fist cast was in the dark, thank goodness for the orange puff wing.
 There are dividends for being on the water early, wildlife, fish, lots of willing fish, oh yeah, no body fishing. Those little critters sure like this bug.
 My favorite fallen gate, seem to always catch a fish by it. Need more of these along the ditch.
By this time of year the ole fly patch starts to get a little full of used flies.

Monday, July 28, 2014

It is Crazy

The amount of storied rivers fished or drove past in the last two weeks to go fishing on our bi-annual Montana fishing trip. Once again Ms. Floatfisher and I had another stellar time visiting the small fishing towns of the Big Sky country to float new and exotic water not fished by Floatfisher. Crazy that we drove by, stopped at, photographed and fished some the following waters in the past two weeks:
  1. Bighorn
  2. Yellowstone
  3. Boulder River
  4. Stillwater
  5. Gallatin
  6. Madison
  7. Jefferson
  8. Bighole
  9. Beaverhead
  10. Clarksfork
  11. Blackfoot
  12. Missouri
  13. North Platte
Ms. Floatfisher throwing dries on the 50 mile riffle. Her day was solid, fish were a plenty, and as you 
can see the day, well spectacular.
Ms. Floatfisher hooked on one of the many browns of the trip.
She had the hot stick of the trip, hook sets were spot on every time.
More photo's to come through out weeks.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Stunning Vista's

With all the fires Idaho, the massive fire in Washington and 4-7 fires in Canada all burning, the air in
Southwestern Montana was a little smoke filled at times. This made for some fantastic sunrises and sunsets. With all the wide open spaces, this shot of the Bob Marshall Wilderness is hard to beat. 
Had to stop and capture this shot on the way to the upper Blackfoot.