Monday, January 6, 2014

IF4 Flyfishing Film Festival- Denver

IF4 2014 - Tickets On Sale Now! from IF4 on Vimeo.
Ms. Floatfisher and I had the opportunity to attend the premier of the 2014 IF4 Flyfishing Film Festival friday night in Denver, during the annual Fly Fishing Show. Again, another nice lineup of talented film-makers and decent topics. My personnel favorites were Mending the Line, Change of Pace and Unbroken, although it almost seemed like a commercial for their lodge, it was very well done.

As always the sponsors always give a healthy dose of goodies away from the generous supporters of the event. We were lucky enough to walk away with the Grand Prize of the Loomis 11'-7wt. Loomis Switch Rod, flyline and other various swag. Not bad for a $10 ticket.

Check it out if it comes to a neighborhood near you.

Anchovy Fly Pattern

A very easy Anchovy fly pattern for those of you fishing the salt. Just a few common tying supplies 
you should all have lying around the house.
Anchovy Fly Pattern
Hook: Owner Aki Saltwater Hook, 2/0
Thread: Tan Uni 6/0
Lead: .020 Lead
Under Body: 4 Strands of Silver Flashabou
(Cover all wraps of lead)
Body: EP Fibers or Craft Hair- Tan
Lateral Line: Silver Flashabou
Eyes: 5/16 , Clear Cure Goo Eyes