Sunday, April 12, 2015

Garcia's Mothers Day Caddis

It is alway good to see my good friend Greg Garcia. Had the opportunity to visit him today, amongst all various topics we covered in our BS session, Greg was telling me about his ever growing series of fly tying tutorials he has put out in conjunction with his shop , Anglers All. Now numbering almost 40 and growing, I think you will find them covering a nice selection of trout patterns.  Most currently posting Vimeo, he is working on getting them all over to Youtube also. Check them out.

More importantly, if you are a fan of fishing the caddis. You should tie or buy some of Greg famous
Mothers Day Caddis. A proven producer on the rivers of Colorado and Montana that I have fished. A nice relatively easy tie with minimal materials.

If you are getting ready for your annual trip to the Arkansas River, to fish the tax day or Mother's Day hatch, get on this pattern.