Sunday, March 30, 2014

Caddis Batch #32

As many people start to get all amped up for the annual caddis migration on the Arkansas River, I start to feature a few of my favorite patterns that have worked well over the years. Each week the river starts to evolve just a little bit more, as the water temperatures are warming. 
Currently they are moving water down from several of the impoundments from above to Pueblo Reservoir, thus elevating the flow to 630 CFS. This should stay around for 1-2 more weeks and then they will drop the flows for the brown trout fry. Flows should them remain somewhere around 485-425 CFS through mid-May. These are great flows and will allow the water to warm up nicely.
Caddis Batch #32
Hook: TMC 2499, Sz: 14-16
Thread: Tan 8/0
Bead: Black Tungsten
Tail: Pheasant Tail Fibers
Body: Caddis Green Halo Tinsel
Thorax: Black Peacock UV Ice Dubbing
Hackle: Olive Indian Soft Hackle
Collar: Orange UV Ice Dubbing

This About Sum's it Up

Everyone know's Ms. Floatfishers is the brains behind the whole operation. 
This is our motto behind ever trip, directions and putting everything together.