Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fly Pattern of the Day- "Black Ice"

Once again I spent time discussing the Black Ice pattern to a few fly fisherman and aspiring fly tiers, This pattern is not widely know away from the Arkansas River, but is a great producer. Tied by Signature Idylwilde Flytier Larry Kingery, it features a very simple list of materials that most have in there supplies, and you can tie them in a host of colors to cover the various hatches. 

These are a staple in my boxes in every color, especially black, gold and copper. 
Black Ice (Baetis Pattern)
Hook: TMC 2487/2499, Sz: 16-22
Bead: Black Tungsten
Thread: Black 10/0
Tail: Black Hen
Abdomen: Black Halo Tinsel
Rib: Black Wire
Throax: Black UV Ice Dub / Black Quick Decent Dubbing
Wing Case: 2 Strands Black Halo Tinsel

"Slow and Steady" - Video Short

Slow and Steady from David Clifford on Vimeo.
Today could be one of these days here in Colorado. We received a bunch of snow as part of a very big and wet spring storm passing through. Thank goodness, we can certainly use the moisture