Saturday, November 16, 2013

Grey Flash Gold

Grey Flash Gold
Hook: TMC 2487, Sz:10
Thread: Grey 8/0
Bead: Gold Tungsten
Tail: Coq De Leon
Body:Greyn 8/0 Thread
Rib: Small Brown UTC Wire
Thorax: Dark Hares Ear Dubbling

Breaking Barriers

I have been looking for a while, but the opportunity finally presented itself the other night at the annual Trout Unlimited Auction. Been eyeing the Scott F2 Fiberglass rod, as it will be next summers photo
project. I have read a lot about this little gem, looking forward to fishin' it.

Well, much to my luck, the rod did not come alone, it came with an nice Abel TR 1 Reel.
Should be a fun little package.