Monday, March 25, 2013

Down and Dirty Streamer Fishing- by HF Anglers

Down & Dirty Streamer Fishing from Henrys Fork Anglers on Vimeo.
A Little streamer fishhing on the Henry's Fork river with Brady Sessions and freinds. This is what spring and fall are all about.

Pearl Orange and Hare

My apologies to the gentleman who ties this fly, I know it goes by a different name, but after many searches I could not find it. Twisted a few up to give them a try, really like the contrasting color combinations. Give it a spin.
Pearl, Orange and Hare
Hook: 2499, Sz. 12-16
Thread: White 10/0 under Pearl Tinsel
Tan 8/0 Thorax forward
Abdomen: Pearl Flat Tinsel
Mid- Thorax: Orange UV Ice Dubbing
Head: Arizona Synthetic Dubbing- Hares Ear
(spin in dubbing loop)