Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Swing the Fly- The Voice of Spey

If you have not subscribed to this fantastic e-Magazine you are missing something
special. Well supported, well written by some fantastic fisherman, flitters and photographers.
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During the November and December they ran a Flytying Contest, since I have been dabbling in 
steelhead and spey flies lately, I decided to submit a couple of flies. Both made it into the top 10.
I was humbled. Now it is time to go give them a tumble in the water in February.

Bookmark Swing the Fly and check it out every quarter.

Un-named Nymph

Un-named Nymph
Hook: Dia Riki 060, Sz. 12-16
Thread: Uni Grey 8/0
Bead: Copper Tungsten
Tail: Brown Indian Hen
Abdomen: Special Blend- Dun, Blue, Callibaetis- UV Ice Dubbing
Rib: BR Silver Wire
Thorax: Black UV Ice Dubbing
Leg: Brown Indian Hen