Friday, April 26, 2013

Dirty Hippy by crazy Charlie Craven

Dirty Hippy Brown tied by Charlie Craven

Stopped in to visit Charlie as it has been a little while since my last deposit. Had to make sure there was nothing new out there, and by god there was. A couple new streamer patterns by Charlie. As the Double Gonga is, the Dirty Hippy Brown and Dirty Hippy Rainbow is sure to be the next super streamer.

Towing High in the Sky

Water Towers from the past are cool. Can't help but to stop and shoot them when passing by.
This one comes from Dalton, NB

Smith River Flashback-

Usually try for a permit on the ever so beautiful Smith River in late April or early May, have elected to draw for warmer months and times. With that that demand comes the chance that you will not be drawn, that was the case again this year. 
Although we have had far more trips that look like the photo above, there are no other canyons like this to float. Especially beautiful to float with a coat of snow.
The towering cliff walls are the highlight to days two and three. It simply dwarfs the boat 
photo. If you have not floated, get on it.
The "line up".
The morning dusting of snow, just seems to be a common occurrence in April, everywhere.
Put in for a permit next year or simply hire someone to do all the work for you. Either way
you will not be disappointed.