Sunday, July 12, 2015

When Traveling

When traveling, most die hard fly fishers, we find it most impossible to drive or pass a fly shop 
we have often heard of or seen in our readings. On this trip, we stopped in several along the way
both very, very good and some absolutely horrible, in which I will never walk through the doors again. 
John, Julie, Mark and Sara and the crew have a pretty solid business plan with Headhunter's
and there customer retention is impeccable . We continue to visit and rebook our trips and lodging with them, due to the level of service received on each visit. They simply separate themselves from 
there competition.

Another really nice shop we had the chance to visit and spend some money in was Trout Montana. Located in Cascade , MT, just off the beaten track. I would be inclined to look seriously at this Trout Montana, for our lodging the next time we visit this area, as there is ample restaurants, fuel , laundry and other support items, that Craig does not offer. Rates are a little cheaper although it is a little bit of a drive ( 16 miles) or so. Most of the guides live down this way.
Oh , Trout Montana's Fly Shop, top notch. great selection of everything, one could need. Including rods, reels, flies. clothing .etc....

Because I am always a supporter of Small Businesses , and especially Fly Shops, one that is especially disappointing is George Anderson's Yellowstone Angler. As Livingston is usually a fuel stop for our Montana stops, I like to frequent either Sweetwater or GA Yellowstone Angler as it is not 
far off the beaten track. Unfortunately, the shop is great, the CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS. In 3 visits, I have yet to be acknowledged by one employee. I guess if you do not fit the customer profile,
they do not want to help. Little to they know, Floatfisher , purchases a lot of shit. This is one small business I will never frequent or recommend again.