Saturday, October 5, 2013

"Sweet Thing" - by Outside Bend Productions

In 3.10, OBP has put in video on "Why we do what we do". The footage is stunning, the fish, well , fabulous. This is why we work so damn hard each day to fish. Thanks for putting in all in perspective.
Pour a little Bailey's in the bottom of you coffee cup and enjoy this video short.

sweet thing from Outside Bend Productions on Vimeo.

Good, Bad and the Ugly

With the impending storms that were forecasted to blast Wyoming and the front range of Colorado today, I decide to take off a few days and go fishing. Well who would of thunk! Calling on my good buddies Jeff and Gerry from Denver they were in from the on-set, once the invite came across.
The plan would be to fish come rain, snow or shine on Friday, although the air temperatures might be a little frosty. Forecast was wrong! 
This was the good part.
As you can see the weather ended up being perfect as the forecasted storm would stay north in the Denver area, leaving only strong gusty winds to the south, but a sunny, cool day. What a difference 5 days have made with all the colors of the aspens, cottonwoods and willows all turning. Makes for a stunning trip down the river.
As an earlier post indicated, we thought we were finished with our "Chubbies",
boy was I wrong, our finned friends were aggressively looking up and taking both
big dries and baetis below the surface. Gerry hooked up with one of many, on the Chubby.

The bad and ugly end happened at the front and back side of the trip with a shattered I-Phone due to be smashed on the the concrete slab and then loosing the keys to the 2nd shuttle vehicle. They are still missing, and we will have to deal with tomorrow morning with the locksmith or tow truck to the Ford dealership.  All in all a great day with many fish landed, many laughs had and one hell of a down stream wind.

Another memorable day on the ditch, thanks Jeff and Gerry.

Saturday Cinema- "Flow" by Addi Berry

Saturday cinema brings us "Flow" by Addi Berry. A nicely shot video short featuring some small water  in Colorado. A nice soundtrack to accompany some nice footage of the this little fishing excursion.

Flow from Addi Berry on Vimeo.