Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Out in the Cold" by OBP -

Out of the Cold from Outside Bend Productions on Vimeo.

Another solid hit from Outside Bend Productions. Solid productions and an excellent sound track.
Enjoy your morning cup of joe.

Nature Boy Designs - Hat(ch) Patch and Wader Lanyard

I don't usually do a lot of product reviews, but I came across these two items that I think are
pretty ingenious. The team at Natureboy Designs have put some thought into these two items,
after you view and think about them, I think you would have to agree.
 Although I seem to be intrigued by gadgets, I am a minimalist in the boat, as I hate to have a bunch of crap in and around me. Naturally the Hat(ch) Patch caught my eye because I am lazy and often stick flies in my hat like most, but absolutely hat it. I like this little carbon-fiber clip with a foam patch for flies that can be moved from hat to hat, but stays firmly in place. High tech and cool in the same sentence.

Being one that likes very simple lanyards, I was struck by this nice simple 1/2 lanyard that attaches to your wader suspenders, but would hold the bare minimum. Again, a very, very handy item for those that fish out a boat. Check them out at