Sunday, January 5, 2014

Denver Flyfishing Show

Some of the highlights from this weekend's Denver Flyfishing Show. Usually I do not get overly excited for the show, as it is the same old vendors, lodges and flyshops. Being a consumer that relatively set in his ways, there is usually not a lot at the show that is a need or have to have, even a great prices. 

This year for some reason was different. I did see the same similar faces I like to see and chat with, but I met a lot of new and very interesting folks, chatted about new fishing locals and destinations that had never sparked the engine prior. Guess it is time for new water and adventures in the next couple of years.

Cruising through the brochure of talks and slide shows I noticed the fellow blogger, Cameron Mortenson would be hosting a hour talk on Fiberglass. Not being very hip on the topic I decided to listen the gentleman in the know. Cameron had a very well put together program on the present state of fiberglass rod programs and builders from small custom builders to the larger rod builders such as Scott and Orvis , who is just entering the game. 
Cameron also passed around many different small custom builder's rod for us to look ,view and hold.
Class was small, lots of great information and I walked away learning a lot more. I am looking forward to fishing my new Scott F2 this year, may picking up another rod also.
Finatic- Yes, I think I am becoming a Hatch addict. "Reely" the only deal that I could not pass up
especially since we are headed to the OP steelheading next month. 
Had the opportunity to meet Eric Ishiwata, a fabulous flytier. Mary and I spent and hour or so talking about streamers and steelhead fishing and flitting at he Beleah Rod booth. Also , extremely great folks. 
Eric discussed his Grand Master Flash pattern photo'd above.