Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Brand N

Got the invite from our great friends to come out and witness life on the ranch and shot some photos of the spring calves. Alway intrigued but never witnessed we finally joined the party. Of course the soft patsy hands could not handle the true work the true cowboys and cowgirls do day in and day out 
to keep the ranches and cattle of the country moving.

This is definitely and art of the past.
Incredibly hot branding iron,  putting on the brand of the ranch of over 100 years.

The calves are might tough, as they hate this shit, they do not like the hot prod, shots and the snip. As you can see , they will do anything they can escape their checkout. 
 The part that makes any man "wince" . A skilled veteran at the helm of the pocket knife.
137 sets down!
 No worse for the wear and tear, flying his new "gang" sign, ears clips, balls chopped, ready to go find his momma now. 
You have to learn sometime, Young 7 year old , Dillon, was right in the thick of things, getting to wrestle a few of the smaller calves. One tough little fella, no sign of fear, and loved every minute of it.

 Sometimes the crowd gets giddy when the young calves go "one" up on the cowboys. A little stomping , snorting and leg-kicking from this fella tells the story.

Here all consulate fishing Guide, teacher and cowboy, Larry Feidrichs, lends his hand to the next generation of cowboy, teaching him the tricks of the trade. Putting the right pressure on the leg, subduing the calf until the branding iron makes its way over and shots are given.