Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Larry the Guide

Looking for a great guide to float the Arkansas River with during the famed Mothers Day Caddis hatch? Dial up my great buddy and terrific guide Larry Freidrichs. Larry is one of the most skilled boatman, flytiers and flyfishing guides on my favorite ditch. You can find him out of Arkanglers's  Flyshop & Guide Service. Dial him up today.

Fly Pattern of the Day- Chartreuse Midge

Post a couple years back, but still a very effective midge pattern for all water, especially tailwater fisheries.
Easy to twist series of flies.
Chartreuse Midge
Hook: TMC 2499, Sz. 18
Bead: Diamond Silver
Thread: Black 12/0 Veevus
Abdomen: Extra Small Chartreuse Wire
Thorax:  Black Superfine Dubbing
Wing Flash: Pearl Krystal Flash