Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend Glee

Memorial Day weekend is usually the time we spend honoring the men and women who have served our great country, won and kept our freedoms. Many great men and women have lost their lives fighting for this freedom and we salute them. Many you you like me, have fathers and relatives who 
are Veteran's who fought and we salute them and love them.

 Usually by now the rivers and stream are getting their yearly flush and cleaning at high flows, after having been in Montand for a few months one becomes spoiled, fishing on a tailwater day after day, and not having to worry about dirty or rising water conditions to thwart the fishing. Anyways, I expected to have the river running high and muddy, and now opportunity to fish. 5 days of relatively steady flows had the river looking in get shape on the edges with great visibility.

Although sunny, I could not resist rigging a streamer rod to throw something larger to see what what would chase. Most of the chases were on the white skittish smelt, along the rockier areas.
Figuring the warm weather might have something looking up, I  tried a variety of larger attractors,
but no takers. Guess they too a a picnic on the mind.