Sunday, April 29, 2012

Two Different Days- Ms. Floatfisher Prevails

Had the opportunity to spend yet another weekend on the river, floating and fishing was we
normally do. Really needing a solid weekend to good fishing to relieve the tension from work and not
feeling well earlier in the week, I was do, right.... Wrong. Yes, I fished, I moved fish, lots of fish, but I
could not hook and land a fish to save my life.  As the second picture indicates, I spent a lot of tim
re-rigging, untangling and cursing. 

Ms. Floatfisher kicked my tail, she hooked and landed every fish that came close to here nymph and 
streamer. She was on fire. Was great to see her ripping lips on streamers. The fish were aggressively
slamming them.

 Floatfisher striking weekend pose, another F@#$%$# tangle.

Morning view 1/2 hour into float.