Friday, November 25, 2011

Trout of 2011- by YGF

Enjoy "Trout of 2011" by Yukon Goes Fishing- A very up and coming videographer. Watch his S#@! it is good and adds some nice sound tracks to them.

trout of 2011 from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.

Thanksgiving and Downtime for Floatfisher

Floattfisher has had the opportunity to take a little in-planned time off to visit the local hospital and participate in an Angiogram, of the arteries and heart, following some unexplained chest and leg pains. Although not something, I was looking forward too, family history dictated the procedure. Monday came and they went through my wrist for the scope. Although numb and dumb I was somewhat aware of the conversations and various actions that were taking place.

Final result, several small blockages that were discovered, but can be taken care of with medications and diet. Know it is letting the wrist heal and get rid if the pain. Should be back to fishing and rowing in no time. For the immediate time, fly tying and photo's will be in the future.

For now I will continue to float and pester fish.