Thursday, March 5, 2015


I think I have an addiction issue to nice toys, and should not hang around others who have the
same obsessive compulsive disorder that I do. It seems each time I am around them, I get a new idea
that I "need" or should have another complementary item to go with my other camera gear.

This time looking at a somewhat lighter, more compact camera to have with me all the time to capture events when out and about. Although I love the large Nikon and all the multitude of lenses, it get very heavy to lug around at times. this is pretty light and easy , and I would only have a couple of lenses to compliment the camera, for most of my shooting.

We will see what the next couple of weeks brings. Stay tuned…..

Hickman's Fish Taco

Hickman's Fish Taco
Shank: Fish Skull 35mm, Octopus #2
Stinger Wire: Maxima or Fireline
Thread: UTC 140 Red
Butt: Red Ultra Chenille
Body: Red Ultra Chenille
Palmer Hackle: Red Chinese Saddle
Collar: Ice wing Red , Holographic Red Flash , Natural Guinea