Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend on the Ditch # 22

Wow, what a great 5 week stretch Ms. Floatfisher and I have had. This past weekend we had the pleasure to float another couple of rivers that are truly spectacular and did not disappoint, although,
by fish count standards, not rivers the hoards of folks flock to, but it makes up in size, beauty and scenery. What a great way to spend a pre-anniversary celebration, almost year 14 of wedded fishing bliss.
 In some places the rivers is two time the size of the boat and casting must be extremely ahead of the boat , as not to spoke the fish. In addition a boat with low clearance and no draft is a must, as low bridges and shallow water will be the norm for the day. You must make sure you duck, or you will have a splitting headache.
 It seems fishing with the moose is a common theme as of late. Certainly a beautiful site along the river, but a little unnerving a close distances as we have had. The creek is pretty small and they will cover this distance very quickly if we are in there way.
One of the prizes of the "creekin" in the skiff down the river. Pretty nice when they sip at #16 brown ant!