Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ice Crystals - Photo of the Day

Ice crystals forming on the individual branch of an aspen tree. Early morning at heavy frost.

"River Watch" - Photo of the Day

Polish Pheasant Tail

Polish Pheasant Tail
Hook: TMC 2499 or 3761, Sz. 12-18
Bead: Copper Tungsten
Thread: Fire Orange 8/0 Uni
Tail: Coq De Leon
Tag: Fire Orange 8/0 Uni
Abdomen: 6 Fibers of Pheasant Tail
Rib:B/R Copper Wire
Thorax: Az. Dubbing- Hares Ear
Legs: Pheasant Tail
Hot Spot Head: Fire Orange 8/0 Uni