Wednesday, January 8, 2014

"Winter's Worm" by Joe Cummings

Missoula Fly Fishing Video - Winter's Worm from Joe Cummings on Vimeo.
We are in the doldrums of winter, a few fishing videos coming out from time to time, I thought this one was alright. The "worm" gets a bad wrap from some fisherman and guides so I like the theme.
Nice work Joe.

Stubby Buddy

Stubby Buddy
Hook: Gamakatsu SC15, Sz. 2/0
Thread: Lagartun's X-Strong White
Tail: Erico Piglisi- Anadromus Fiber Brush- Pearl
Flash:Erico Piglisi- Anadromus Fiber Brush- Purple
(In front of tail section)
Marabou (Rear): Orange Marabou
Marabou (Front): Purple Marabou
Collar: Purple UV Ice Dubbing
Fish Mask: #7 Fish Mask
Eye's: Clear Cure Goo- Holographic Orange / Yellow