Monday, August 31, 2015

It's Almost Time

 Ms. Floatfisher always starts to get a grin on her face when it is time to hit the river, especially
in the chase for more of the chrome delights. We had to stay home to prep for the next adventure to Oregon, to dust off and prep the camping gear, re-tools some of the hard tackle and prep some of the needed fly boxes.

The rivers get a little more treacherous chasing steelhead, than most of the rivers of Colorado, Wyoming and Montana that we are used too. Not being the most nimble on the feet in these river,
and extremely spoiled fishing out of the boat, we needed to get a few necessary supplies to lessen the 
chance of a spill in the river. I would probably bet $5 buck, the big guy will take the plunge before the trip is over, for all the stories we have been told.

Wading staff and cleats and spike were purchased for the boots over the weekend, as the last trip, they made all the difference. Only taking them off, because they are not very friendly to our Hyside raft, we took them out at the end of the spring season. I am seriously thinking of getting a second pair of boots just to have them permanently rigged with spikes.