Monday, March 14, 2016

Shake Down on the Ditch

Time for the shake down float to get the cob-webs out, make sure we did not forget how to row, 
and catch a few fish. Water flows were low at a nice 298 CFS, so being crafty on the sticks would be a necessity as many rocks are exposed and just waiting to by hit. 

Well, there was no rust on either Mary or I as the first run was flawless, even the low challenging rapids proved not challenge. Rigged with just a hopper, dropper, dropper rig, the fish decided to play relatively quick. The buffet line was open as stones, midges and baetis were all on the menu, and the browns and rainbows were eating equally.

What a joy to be back on the water, catching fish on our favorite river. 
Let the season begin.....