Monday, August 15, 2016


 A sight not often seen on the our ditch, clouds of trico's. Because of the recent heat wave
we have been trying to beat the heat and crowds of boat on the river , and fishing early, usually a tactic that payoff tenfold.
However this Saturday morning, we would complete our shuttle and launch just before sunrise,
we still had not seen the water, little did we know we would laugh in a "plug" of muddy water from the rain storm upriver the night before. While this did not make for conducive fishing, it did make for a beautiful sunrise float, seeing deer, blue heron, hawks, pesky beavers and minks. 
Trico's and the Arkansas.....

About 8am we were treated to some amazing hatches of trico's on the lower river. While there are
trio's on the Arkansas, clouds and clouds of them are not a common site. Just a neat site to sit and watch.