Saturday, December 31, 2016

Lookin' Back

It has been another subtle year of fishing at the Floatfisher compound, once again the NetJet
shares were used to the full extent and many miles were driven to float a host of fabulous rivers. Our goals and objectives were met, as good times, new places and old faces were visited and made, oh , and a couple of fish were exercised along the way.

 Fence Line on the Missouri River- summer 2016
 First Snow- Arkansas River - Fall 2016
 American Bison - December 2016
 Snook - Belize- fall 2016
 Chubby Lover - Western River - Summer 2016
 Swimming with the fishes
 Searching for Tarpon, Belize 2016
 McCoy Waterwheel , Colorado River, fall 2016
Trico spinner fall on the Missouri River- June 2016

Parachute Adams

b/w Parachute Adams