Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fly Pattern of the Day- " Trixie the Hooker"

Have you taken Trixie for a test drive on the river yet? If not you are missing out big time. She knows how to draw the big boys up from the depths. When the heat of the summer has the fish down, Trixie will get them up. It is the little pink pill that works.

Trixie the Hooker
Hook: TMC 5262, Sz: 6-8
Thread: 6/0 Pink
Indicator: Pink Foam
Legs: Sili Legs- Fleck Smoke- Blue / Black
Overbody Foam: White Foam
Underbody Foam: Pink Foam
Underwing: Flashabou Accent- Pearl
Wing: Elk Flank Cow