Monday, February 22, 2016

OP Steelhead Adventure

Again, we would brave the nasty weather the OP can deal out in February. Usually just rain, but, debilitating rain that can knock the rivers out of in one event.  Well, we decided to tangle with
good old mother nature, as she would deal the first blow of rain on Sunday night into Monday with an 
incredible 3.3" of rain. As you can guess this would blow out every river to epic proportions, moving many into flood stages and over the 15,000 to 20,000 CFS water marks. 
Remarkably, we would have three days away from the river, sightseeing, bowling and watching movies, watching the half-day river updates for sights of fishing. Finally on Thursday, flows and clarity would be decent enough to launch and fling a couple at steelhead that would be definitely on the move. 
Wow, would we be treated to some absolutely beautiful rivers and sights in pursuit of these silver bullets. The rainforest was in all her beauty, waterfalls would be pouring off all cliffs, all streams running full throttle, 
 Drifts were fast but if you got it in the right lanes, you were often rewarded. Hooking and 
landing these gems are entirely a different game. 
 The view from the dense canopy was stunning, imaging the cougars, elk and other critters that are out there roaming. No shortages of Bald Eagles, sat above to watch us fish our way down the river.

 Why we will sit out three rain days , the prize, oh so beautiful and powerful.