Sunday, September 22, 2013

Floatfisher Thanks All Loyal Viewers

I would like to say a special Thank You to all the loyal Floatfisher readers for helping me 
surpass the magical 50,000 mark in views. I would have never guessed a flyfishing and flytying hack
like me would have folks as kind as you all follow my blog. I will continue to post regularly and hopefully provide better content in the coming year.

Thank you again!

Montana Revisited

 Can never get enough of the landscape shots of fabulous Montana. While cruising through Lightroom on the laptop tonight I came across these archived shots. 
While throwing steaks on the grill, the sun was setting, we could not pass up the view and photo opportunity this presented. 
 Old barn on the banks of the lower Beaverhead.
Fire in the sky, day two while grilling and having a glass of wine on the deck.

Emergent Sparkle Pupa by Curtis Fry

One of the most beloved caddis patterns made famous by Gary Lafontaine many years ago. In the great little video, Curtis Fry demonstrates how to tie this relatively simple pattern.