Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Amy's Army by kuchykaPHOTO

Amy's Army

Little soldiers of the summer dry fly season. As stalwart of any fine flybox, fished best in red or hot olive crystal chenille color, combinations fish cannot resist when presented correctly.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Glass Bead Midges

Glass Bead Midges
Hook: TMC 2499: Size 18
Bead: Glass- Silver/ Diamond
Body: Small Ultra Wire - Red ( Various Colors)
Wing Flash: Pearl Krystal Flash
Thorax: Black Superfine Dubbing

Monday, August 29, 2016

Kenai Magic

Had the opportunity to do a little work and horse-play in Alaska last week. It is always nice to be summoned to Alaska to work. The town of Soldotna and the Kenai River would be home base for 5-7 days for roughly 80-100 , vendors, employee's and customers , as the Kenai River would play host to
the Annual fishing tournament .
While the tournament is only one day, many of our take advantage of the trip and fishing to spend a few extra days up there doing some ocean fishing for Halibut, fly-outs for trout and char, and river fishing for the sockeyes and silvers.

Although this was the first time picking up a spin / bait casting reel in 20 + years , it would be a great time casting and catching sockeye's, silvers , pinks, dolly varden on these goofy wiggle plugs. With the recent wet weather , the Kenai's water level was much high than normal. 

As for the fishing, this pinks were in thick as this was an "even"year for them, and they would be pesky. The "reds" or sockeyes were at the end of there run and most pretty much turned, and the silvers just starting to enter the system, fresh and ready to tear you up.
Weather was wonderful and the sunrise's were terrific as you can seek. There was no shortage of 12oz barley pops and fireball shots being taken while trolling for these critters, with many more IPA's and scotch had by the fire pit.
Having not been to Alaska for many years, it made year to get Mary up there for a true adventure in to the bush. Maybe next year , the wheels are turning now.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

KULA Coolers

A cool new product just launched at the outdoor shows this summer. As the play on top end ice chest continue to evolve, this one is pretty cool (a pun indeed). Obviously taken from the 5 gallon pal concept, but strapped with all the bells and whistles. Perfect for the beach, campfire, SUP, boat, personally too fancy for the bait bucket, but I guess you can. 

Lid features a 270 degree rotation on swivel hinge. Lid also features a padded grip top for 
standing on when necessary.
Love the latch the also is a functional bottle opener, a classy add in.
Nice powder coated handle for carrying the traditional style or you can option out with
the Kula shoulder strap.

Check them out....

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Random #79

the "Car-Pool"
Palm sized fun
Ocean's of Fun
A sign from above, obviously to fish more.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Spring Creek by Todd Moen

I know I can watch this over and over, because I have. It is just intriguing and beautiful to 
watch browns rise to eat hoppers on small spring creek or rivers for that matter. Todd is one 
best story tellers and film makers out there. Just never get tired of his shorts. Even though this video short is several years old, it still get your blood pumping.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Guide Hands

Day in, Day out, sun, wind, rain, snow and freezing hail, guide hands take a beating. then you add jabbing them with size 2 articulated streamer hooks, down to holding the threading size 24 midges.
Well might as well add the callouss' one builds from a season of rowing. These damn things take a beating. Guide hands.....

Monday, August 15, 2016


 A sight not often seen on the our ditch, clouds of trico's. Because of the recent heat wave
we have been trying to beat the heat and crowds of boat on the river , and fishing early, usually a tactic that payoff tenfold.
However this Saturday morning, we would complete our shuttle and launch just before sunrise,
we still had not seen the water, little did we know we would laugh in a "plug" of muddy water from the rain storm upriver the night before. While this did not make for conducive fishing, it did make for a beautiful sunrise float, seeing deer, blue heron, hawks, pesky beavers and minks. 
Trico's and the Arkansas.....

About 8am we were treated to some amazing hatches of trico's on the lower river. While there are
trio's on the Arkansas, clouds and clouds of them are not a common site. Just a neat site to sit and watch. 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Randoms #78 -

Fly shop cup of flies, todays choice - purple haze
Weeks work, well maybe more!
Neon Stimi
Seen on near the Missouri river, daily.
View from the front seat of the boat on a beautiful Friday morning.

Saturday, August 13, 2016


Summer time calls for hoppers on most rivers of the US. In the west, I am very partial to fishing hoopers starting in July through first frost. Then maybe some more because our finned friends cannot 
resist them.

Because myself and other fly-tiers must come up with new patterns all the time, it is impossible not to
have an impressive selection hoppers of every size and color. It is alright to be a collector.

Warm weather, tall grasses, get out and throw a hopper.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Randoms # 77

Sneaky , casting for risers on the Green.
Cowgirl Mary taking a break from rowing detail to pose at
the OK Corral on the Missouri.
the famous Pikes Market - Seattle
Sunset on the upper Green River

Monday, August 8, 2016

Brooks' Sprout Midge

Tim Flagler demonstrates the very popular Brooks' Sprout Midge. So very simple, so extremely 
effective. A fantastic midge pattern that everyone should have well stocked in their flyboxes, no doubt in various sizes ranging from 16 - 24, and running the color gambit.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Happy Anniversary

 Happy Anniversary to my wife of 16 years. Could not ask for a better time.
I thank her for turning my life around and making so wonderful.

I know she like to be  handcuffed the the duct tape was a new experience. 
Anniversary # 7 on Middle Fork of the Salmon river

Thanks for the support to pursue the passion of photography and 
all the fun it has brought to our life.

She smiles even though I have suckered her into fishing trip like 
this and miserable weather. Still smiling.

Always the one to catch the "big" one to bring home the bragging 

Happy Anniversary

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Here Spot

It is just magical to catch a nice looking rainbow like this, as it is covered from head to tail
with spots. I especially love the spots on the lower jaw, gill plate and fins. Back to the water you go.