Wednesday, July 31, 2013

To Portage or NOT............ NOT.........

On a recent float we were told we would come across a "low" bridge. You often hear about this, but most times you shrug it off and say we can make it. We proceeded to ask a few more questions and decided we could take off the leaning bar just to be on the safe side.
Up stream side of the "low" bridge. Either side looked or appeared the same height
 Straws were drawn and Ms. Floatfisher would maneuver the bridge. No fast water, just had to line it
up, tuck the oars and duck. As you can see the seat hung up in the middle of the bridge, it was definitely a "low" bridge.
 Ms. Floatfisher looks for her audience, to say she made through. Golf claps were heard through the valley. Just a mere scrap on the top of the seat.

 The overall scene is pretty with the bridge, barn and imposing storm. After all said the storm severely damaged the nearby Bannock State Park and many of its historic buildings.
 Time to pickup the photographer and fisherman.  All in the name of catching nice large fish.