Thursday, January 30, 2014

Seahawks 12th Man Fly

Getting in the Superbowl spirit I decided I would tie a couple of 12th Man Intruder Flies to honor
each team in the big game, if it is not snowed out. The first to make its debut is the
Seattle Twelfth Man. 

Seattle 12 Man
Shank: Boddington 25MM Shank
Thread: 6/0 Blue Uni
Rear Flash: Enrico Plugasi Brush, Blue
Rear Hackle: Senyo's Pearl Wacko Hackle
Front Flash: Enrico Plugasi Brush, Pearl
Front Hackle: Senyo's Blue Wacko Hackle
Hackle: Blue Schlappen
Flash: Pearl Angel Hair
Wing: Chartreuse Arctic Fox
Collar: Blue Doctor Blue Guinea
Senyo's Intruder Wire- Blue
Sz: 4 Gamakatsu Octopus 

Denver's 12th Man, to come later in the week.F

Adding to the Collection

In preparation for our upcoming trip, Ms. Floatfisher thought the staff photographer
needed new glass to capture her first steelhead. She happily escorted me down to 
purchase the newest addition to our camera family.

Now all we have to do is pray for a little rain to get them moving up the rivers. Been a little
dry in the Pacific Northwest. Do a little dance, BANG
More to come, all year…..