Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall is Magical

Fall is the time a lot of wait for, colors change, rivers start to pair down of fisherman, fish become even
more active as winter becomes closer. As the trees take on beautiful colors, our finned friend's also
take on special colors. Fall is a magical time. Get out and enjoy.

October is the Month of Pink- Help Support

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we have a special offering to honor the month. The newSimms Pink Wading Belt is being offered this October only with all profits going to Casting for Recovery®. Casting for Recovery enhances the quality of life of women with breast cancer by providing retreats designed to promote and support mental and physical healing.
Where did this come from?  Well, like a lot of families, the extended Simms family has been affected by breast cancer.  And because we have domestic manufacturing in our Bozeman headquarters, we came up with an idea to do some good.
So, with your purchase of the Simms Pink Wading Belt, you too can support women with breast cancer and give yourself or that special angler in your life a stylish wading accessory. This is a limited offer so take advantage of it quickly.

Me And Paul- Our Day on the Ditch

Got the opportunity to spend the day on the ditch with my good friend Paul. The previous night would be spent strategizing over a few glasses of fine single malts , trying to decide the prefect float, void of guides and wade fisherman. Our planing worked to a T. The river too ourselves. Not another boat and only one wade fisherman. Hard to believe for a Saturday and such a beautiful day. 
 The water cleared and was in great shape for a fall day on the river. The fish were in for serious harassment. As the aspens and cottonwoods are in the slow turn of fall, the other foilage on the river bank is alive and beautiful. The morning also brought signings of turkeys, deer, beaver, muskrat, ducks and geese. What more could you ask for. Well a fish to the net...  
 Hangin' it up at the end of the day, Floatfisher style.
The fly of choice in the afternoon was the fabled "Purple Haze"

Dennis Miller's - D-Midge

Tied by my friend Dennis Miller, this is new pattern that Umpqua 
is selling this coming year in many shops, give it a try. Tie some up
or purchase some at your local shop. A simple tailwater fly, that is 
a sure producer.

Hook: TMC 2487, Sz:18-20
Thread: Veevus 16/0 Grey
Bead: Grey Diamond Bead
Tail: Grey Flouro Fibre
Abdomen: Veevus 16/0 Grey
Rib: Black X-Small UTC Wire
Wing: Grey Flouro Fibre
Dubbing: Grey Superfine (Between beads)