Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekend Follies

When on the ditch, it is not always about me or the Ms.. I love to see others having a great time and catching fish. Came across these anglers enjoying their Saturday floating along, laughing and giving each other grief for missed fish. What we all do best.
 Beautiful view of the Collegiate Peaks.
 In the willows, looking downstream.

More Views from the Ditch

A mixture of weather yesterday while out on the ditch. Sights are still very beautiful as we approach May. Lot of snow and melt yet to come out of the hills. I think we will have one more good week of low water flows before all hell breaks loose. Really surprised how few fisherman were out, and scared of a little off-colored medium high water. These are only our summer time flows right now.

Must be that most folks cannot fish freestones rivers? Just a solid guess. Tailwater fisheries have spoiled and tainted their fishing. Much easier to stand in one place and work a run or riffle to death, where the fish don't spook. 

Sorry for the morning rant, just few things on the mind.