Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter on the Green River

Utah and the Green River treated us to a lovely Easter Weekend. Although the water was raised unusually high according to our hosts who frequent the river semi annually, we managed to have a stellar time. The mornings were a touch on the cool side, so there was no need to get on the water in a hurry. The fish were not on the feed unusually quick. We quickly learned that the enjoyable fishing style would be "headhunting"for rising fish, instead of watching the colored indicator. The back-eddies and scumlines proved fun and productive. Flies of choice were: Parachute BWO, Griffith Gnats and Brooks Sprouts. Wine of choice: Merlot / Malbec.

Nice Canyon Shot

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Green River Brown on parachute bwo.

Mary and I at the overlook

On the river live photo shoot? Who was the subject and how big was the fish? More to come in the next edition.

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