Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Prepping, Cleaning, Sorting and Piling

All these things go into the annual planning and packing for a Smith River trip. It has begun, we started tonight by sorting all the clothing, as I call it, the presort, before, the final selection. trying on the summer clothing, making sure there are no last minute items that do not need to be purchased and items fit after the diet, yea, we do get a few new things. Tonight and tomorrow will be the clothing, Thursday we will dig into the coolers and dry boxes and do some cleaning and sorting. Can't forget the Big Agnes gear, but that is all in good shape and stored nicely.  Our camp set up and gear is very easy as the outfitter will be doing all the hard work, all we have to do is row and fish.

Weekend will be reserved for a visit to Charlies Flybox for flylines, leaders and any misc. flies that I may need, and do not want to tie before the trip, I will have to make sure the supply of cigars are ordered and in the humidor prior to the trip for proper humidification, and our stop to the liquor store has already taken place.

As you can tell I am anal about packing and being prepared well ahead of a trip, well that is why they are always so fun and successful. Better to be safe than sorry.

Will take some pictures along the way of the mounting piles of stuff.

Happy Highwater!!!

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