Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On the Road Again-

As the great Willie Nelson sings, "On the Road Again", Floatfisher has planned another adventure 
to see more water this year. Although we will not be adding a new river to our growing list, 
we will be visiting our favorite river,  the South Fork of the Snake. I am super geeked at the
 opportunity to spend the day celebrating my wife's 25th Birthday on the river catching some 
fine Cuttthrout trout.  In addition, I will have the opportunity to celebrate my 46th Birthday
 the next day and spend the day with my cousin, Kane. We have not had the opportunity to 
spend time flyfishing yet and I look forward to the day. 

Watch out South Fork, here we come. Although there are other rivers to come before, rainbow
 and brownfish to catch in between.

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