Sunday, August 28, 2011

EPIC Day on the Ditch-

There are really good day's of fishing and then there are day's like today that are EPIC. When the stars 
align and everything is in sync, the weather, the water, the flies, and most importantly, a great day with
my wife on the river.  Today was one of those days when all the fish were in "skinny" water. Nothing is 
better than throwing flies, seeing the "sip" the fly and set and explosion in 4-6" water. This happened all day long. 

Had the opportunity to throw a new Scott stick all weekend, 9' - 4 wt. . What a sweet piece, appreciate 
the trial of the rod,  Charlie.  I will be putting in our order for one.
"The Release"

Pulled over to tie on on!

Test Driving a new Scott Rod, it was a pleasure to cast!

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