Saturday, September 10, 2011

A weekend away from the river

Remembering our float on the Dearborn River
Man I hate taking a week away from the river during a great time of the year. 
Had to sacrifice a week away to prepare for a week of travel with work and
do a few chores around town and the house. One of the weekend chores was
to pick up the recently repaired Winston rod. Good to have the "baby" back at 
home. Other chores included looking for new photo editing software. So many choices,
so little knowledge. 
One of the other chores I started was a clean up of the "events and trips" photos.
Getting rid of old, crappy photo's from the year and years past. Got to make more room. 
Came across this photo of the Dearborn River and it just made me smile, oh what a good
time we had on the river, and oh how beautiful.

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