Sunday, October 9, 2011

First snow of the fall season with fall colors! WOW

Another fantastic weekend of October fishing was had this weekend. Although the forecast called
for rain and snow most of time, I thought to myself, this cold front could present some fantastic Streamer fishing. It also mean't we had to dawn the darn waders, boots and cool weather gear for the first time since May. Well as you will see, it was worth it, an oh what a time we had on the old ditch.

As the weeks of fishing wind down, we must take advantage of all we have left. Will be back on the
ditch for another 4 day next week. Can't wait. More fall colors and the weather is supposed to be in
the 70's. That is amazing for October.

Ms. Floatfisher's sled with a little early snow.

A cold, damp overcast morning led to streamer fishing.

A little snow and the fall colors made for two days of
beautiful floating and fishing!

This brown fell to what we affectionately call the " Bachelor Party"-
the Olive and Red Two Bit Hooker fished in tandem.

Awesome shot of the snow and colors.

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