Saturday, October 29, 2011

Goin' Crazy- No Fishing

Hard to believe the last weekend away from the ditch was Aug. 7/8 , we have been on a good long run
this summer and into fall. With the fishing season winding down, and the mounting chores that
have added up over the many months, fishing will start to slow down. Damn, my hands are shaking only
at the thought of not pumping up the raft in the morning and tying on some bugs.

Waters in the Colorado area are starting to cool down and fish are moving slowly into the deeper
holding waters, fewer boats on the water and "Welcome Hunter" signs everywhere. The mountain tops
all have a dusting of snow.

This evening watching the World Series, I actually thought of cleaning off my tying bench and starting
my winter tying list. I have to get back in practice of tying, haven't done much in the past year or so.

Looking forward to posting new patterns and testing out new photo techniques.
Nice day for a stroll!

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