Sunday, October 23, 2011

Live from the Colorado River-

Hard to believe it is October 22/23 out, with the weather we are experiencing, it is crazy to think it was in the mid to high 70's while floating yesterday. Had the opportunity to float the lower stretch's of the Colorado. The fall colors have not fallen over here yet, which made for a stellar float. Every bend treated us too beautiful sights and with the river flowing a nice 2500 cfs. fish were found everywhere.

I really have the streamer bug right now, but the damn weather has been too nice to fish them, but, I threw them anyway to see if I could get any chasers. The Coffee Minnow by Headhunters proved to be the meal ticket as I had seveal very nice browns say "not in my house" and devour it. But the bite was short live and it was back to nymphing the riffles and seams.

We are on a short break this morning as we have tire issues with the boat trailer and are waiting for the tire shop to open this morning. Should not be long and we will be back on the water.

As a side note, the sunken driftboat was extracted from the river yesterday at the Rifle bridge, rower is still missing and presumed dead after 8 days. Very, very sad event. The river channel has severely changed down in Riffle by the take-out and pulls you right into the bridge piling if you are not on your A game. Another raft was flipped on the piling two days ago, not injures, thank goodness. Be extra careful if floating this section.

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