Sunday, November 13, 2011

John Bett's Original Design Reel

John Betts "Sea Lion" Design
Wanted to share this rare, three of a kind reel that has been in my collectables since 2006. I was lucky
enough to purchase this exquisite reel at a TU Charity auction.

There were only three of these reels ever made, one kept by John, one previously sold and ME. Each item on the reel has been hand made by Mr. Bett's, down to each precise screw. The "Sea Lion" reel was inspired from a trip to the Oregon coast. The wood, Tiger Striped Myrtle Wood was found and eventually used in the design of the reel.  As you see the wood accurately depicts the sun dried
fur of the sea lion.

This is truly a one of kind reel. Please enjoy the view. 

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