Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Praise and Honor-

We are now in the post season fishing banquet and program season. Last night was the first of many TU Auctions and Fundraisers Ms. Floatfisher and I attend and donate to. As always I try to donate what we can, and support the local chapters as we can. Last night was no exception.

Traditionally I tie up a very nice selection of nymphs and dry flies, presented in a nice Wheatly fly box. To me, presentation is everything, and I like to have the nicest selection and presentation I can. In addition I ventured out and donated one of my Photo's that was brought to life on canvas. Both presentations were very nice and very were respected . I always get a sense of satisfaction donating items that raise good money for a worth cause.

For my first photo presentation on canvas, I am very proud to say it raise in excess of 160.00, for the 12" x18" - " Rainbow". In addition, my flybox donation raised another $160 for the chapter.

If you have the opportunity, please donate and help your favorite cause. They all need your support in these trying times.

Shout out to my good friends Gerry and Jeff- Thanks for goodies you dropped off to Ms. Floatfisher and I last night. You certainly did not need to do this, but very much appreciated.

Fish on!!

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