Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Floatfisher Turns 1 Yr Old W/ focalFISH- Check it out!

Well hard to believe I have been hacking away at this "blogging" thing for over a 
year, as of tomorrow. It has come along way from it humble beginnings and needless to
to say, it has cost a few dollars to up-grade the camera gear to stay up with the Jone's of the 
blogging world. Well enough blabbering, we will have the celebratory RV Cupcake and Scotch 
in true Floatfisher style to celebrate, and save the tipping for this weekend.

To top off my one year anniversary, I was lucky enough to be featured on FOCALFISH with 
a couple of my photo's with a nice write up from Mark and the group. Now my little pea brain
will really swell up.

Check it out and bookmark this site at WWW.FOCALFISH.COM , a site that should be checked out 
every couple of days. They feature some truly great photographers. 

1 comment:

  1. That's awesome! Hope to see you in Twin Bridges again this year, especially now that my knee isn't jacked up!