Sunday, December 18, 2011

Floatfisher's Winter Workshop

This is the creation station for Floatfisher, weeknights and Sunday's are spent creating new and old 
stand-by patterns that spank those fish in the winter, spring summer and fall. Alway fun to watch
a little Sunday football, smoking a cigar , while creating the fishing marvel. What is the next pattern that will slay the fish?
What is the next secret pattern to be one up on the fishing freinds? Got to have something to spend 
our money on. What would we to with other $20,000 in tying materials in cabinets. We need more 
and more.

Finally started to tie a few to stock the boxes so we can get pumped to start fishing again hard in 
February, as the float season will get started in earnest. Can't wait.

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