Saturday, December 17, 2011

Looking Ahead -

What a terrific year it has been for Floatfisher this year, Being very blessed to have Ms. Floatfisher by
my side we managed to float and fish a unbeliviable 78 days this year. This a quite a feat holding down
two full time jobs, and fishing around the west. This years venture's lead us to an amazing 7 new rivers this
year, including the likes of the Beaverhead, Green, Bighole, Madison and others. In addition we
had the opportunity to visit old haunts like the Missouri and Southfork of the Snake, and of course the Smith River.   It is always a special year to get out and travel, as you get to meet the "locals" from each town and see the great sights. As each great season end, a new one begins with the thoughts and planning 
of just what to do next year?

A new year also starts the permit process for many river systems that require advanced 
permits and applications. Which ones will we apply for this year again, Where will we go. As
always, Floatfisher will be found floating and fishing the not so wild frontier of the west.

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  1. It was great talking to you today at Charlie's. Have a great Christmas and keep blogging. Jerry