Sunday, January 22, 2012

First Fish of the Season and on the new Switch Rod

Finally got out of the house this weekend to fish for the first time of 2012. Due to the 
unusually warm winter in Colorado, the rivers are ice free and fishing reasonably well
in many area's .  After several months of tying flies and being stuck at home, it was really
nice to be out getting fresh air and touching some rainbows and browns.

 Had the opportunity to try the new 6wt. switch rod. It was really nice, as the 2nd cast I 
was rewarded with a fish, as well as 4th cast. Not a bad way to start the new fishing season.
However, I have a lot to learn on the damn switch rod, would do a few good casts and quite a
few shitty ones. But had a great time trying something new.

 Ms. Floatfisher hooked up on her first "switch" rod fish. Took to it like a natural.
Third cast , Fish On!!

Moved down river to another hole and Bang, they keep coming. All in all, a great day!
A lot more practice to do, but that is some fun shit.

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  1. Great way to break in the new stick. Welcome to the double handed world!