Sunday, February 12, 2012

First Float of 2012- Part 1

Ms. Floatfisher and I took the maiden voyage of 2012 this past
weekend amidst a weak cold front that was trying to push 
through the front range. But that was not going to stop us from getting the boat on the water. Although the air temperature was only a balmy 18 degrees at launch time, with guides freezing up,
it was time to push on and catch a fish. Although it would not
be the first of the year, it would be the first from the boat.

 Mary preps the stick for the fishing day. What will the lucky 
setup be? Will it warm up and will the sun come out?
The rainbows came out to play today, and boy did they like red?

 Little frosty on them there hills, thank god it is staying over there
for now! But a beautiful site for the float.

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