Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Floatfisher & Fishspotter" Reunited-

Had the opportunity to hook-up and spend a couple of great days floating and fishing with
my buddy Larry aka Fishspotter, for the last few days.  It is darn hard to believe it is
the middle of February and we are float the rivers of Colorado and catching some beautiful fish.
It is always special to fish with Fishspotter, as a great time is had, great stories are told and
many fish are caught. On top of all, there are a few great sights too.

 Unbuttoning the ARP Prince from this beautiful rainbow, ready for return to the river.
 Early morning ice at the first stop! 
 Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner, a prize on each drift.
Ms. Floatfisher gets into the action on Saturday. Another bluebird 
day of fishing. 

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